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Conserving the marine environment through research, education, and sharing of knowledge


At Indo Ocean, our vision is to foster a thriving and sustainable marine ecosystem across the Republic of Indonesia. This initiative aims to not only enhance the burgeoning tourism industry but also safeguard the well-being of coastal communities for future generations.

Through our open-access database and collaborative research efforts, we actively contribute to the development of local legislation, advocating for data-driven marine policies.

Conducting field expeditions across three distinct regions in Indonesia, we bring together a diverse group of local and international researchers. Our research areas encompass assessments and restoration efforts for coral reef health, intertidal evaluations, formulation of management strategies and policies for marine protected areas, evaluation of vulnerable and targeted fish stocks, and support for individual research projects in partnership with academic institutions in Indonesia and around the world.

Who we are

Founded by a community of ocean professionals passionate about marine research and conservation.

What we do

Conducting ongoing ecological monitoring and independent research projects across our 3 ocean observatories.


Assisting students’ independent research from the initial proposal to publication with local support and collaboration.


Join our award-winning, non-profit divemaster and research diver training and take the next step in your ocean career.

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Key Focus Areas

We take pride in our comprehensive approach, leveraging expertise to tackle challenges and drive transformative change. Discover more about our key research focus areas below and how you can get involved. 

Research Fellowship

Fostering collaboration with scientists worldwide through our Marine Research Fellowship, uniting diverse expertise to advance our understanding of marine ecosystems and drive impactful conservation efforts.

Marine Policy

Dedicated to driving positive change, we actively advocate for marine policy reforms and the establishment of new marine protected areas, spearheading initiatives to ensure the sustainable future of our marine ecosystems.

Ecological Monitoring

Meticulously observing and analyzing environmental changes, fostering a deeper understanding of ecosystems and contributing to informed conservation strategies.

Direct Marine Conservation

Engaging in direct conservation efforts, our initiatives actively work to preserve and protect marine ecosystems through hands-on measures, scientific research, and community involvement.

Outreach and Education

Empowering communities and individuals with knowledge, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship through engaging initiatives that raise awareness about marine conservation.

Read Our Conservation Management Plan Here

Indo Ocean Project

Become a dive professional and complete your research diver internship

Indo Ocean Project offers an innovative dive master and research diver training program located in Indonesia. It was established in 2017 by a community of marine biologists, dive professionals, and ocean educators from around the globe. This program serves as a platform for those aspiring to become ocean professionals while conducting critical research in remote regions.

Internships are available at one of the three project locations: Nusa Penida (Bali), Bira (South Sulawesi), or Raja Ampat (West Papua). The Divemaster course teaches you leadership skills and develops your abilities to direct various scuba and marine research activities. You will work alongside a team of marine biologists and dive professionals throughout your training.

You don’t need to be a diver or a scientist to apply! The Indo Ocean Project relies on the experience and expertise of volunteers from around the world to take action and participate in their mission.


Read Introduction & Admissions Guide

Regions of Study

Three ocean observatory sites

From Bali’s vibrant coral reefs, which play a crucial role in supporting the region’s tourism, to South Sulawesi’s intertidal zones and Raja Ampat’s rich biodiversity, our projects span these unique locations.

Nusa Penida


Project Highlights: BRUV, coral restoration, turtle population monitoring, MPA evaluation

Diving Highlights: Manta rays, molas, turtles, thriving coral reefs, occasional pelagics like hammerhead and thresher sharks.

Tanjung Bira

Southern Sulawesi

Project Highlights: BRUV, elasmobranch monitoring coral restoration, MPA development

Diving Highlights: Reef sharks, turtles, incredible coral reefs, occasional pelagics like hammerhead and thresher sharks.

Raja Ampat

West Papua

Project Highlights: BRUV, elasmobranch monitoring, high biodiversity, MPA evaluation

Diving Highlights: Reef sharks, manta rays, biodiverse coral reefs, macro critters, occasional whale sharks and marine mammals.

To protect what we love, we must first understand it deeply. 

Pascal Sebastian

Co-Founder, Indo Ocean

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